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X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series, pt. 4

I’ve been plucking away at these over the last few weeks, with a few more ideas on the way. They’re fun to work on, and I’m pleasantly surprised at the reaction. They’re one of the most popular items in my Etsy shop right now! These three will also be available there soon. 🙂

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X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series, pt. 3

More X-Files posters? Why, don’t mind if I do!

I’m favoring the sixth season for the visuals, and likely because it’s the first season I watched in its entirety as it aired. I still remember the excitement of waiting for Sunday night.

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The X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Truths” Series

More nostalgia, this time with a more romantic angle; practicing tracing/outlining/shading techniques.

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X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series

A series of fan art posters for The X-Files, with three iconic images meant to represent the events of each episode. Mostly an excuse for me to wax nostalgic about my favorite TV show, and a chance to work my long-neglected Illustrator muscles. My favorite so far is the heart from “Milagro.”

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long posters/banners in smaller sizes

Ice Cream Head Houses Sea woodlands creatures

Thanks to my awesome printing company, I am now able to offer some of your favorite long or banner prints in smaller sizes–8×24 and 10×30, to be exact. This means you can enjoy your favorite designs for less. I’ll be listing the new sizes in the Calobee Doodles shop over the next few days. Enjoy!