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Floral Patterns

I’ve been having fun doodling flowers. Since March in Maine looks nothing like spring, I figured I could use some extra color on my desktop while I wait for the real flowers to show.

I’m also putting together a short tutorial on how to create seamless repeating backgrounds like the ones above in Illustrator. Stay tuned!

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Birdies Pattern

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I broke my mom’s favorite mug. It was given to her by a friend many years ago, and a Google search for a replacement proved futile — I gathered from my research that it was probably a Hornsea ripoff, though there was no credit on the mug.

As a Christmas present, I wanted to design her a new mug in a similar pattern. And because I’m indecisive, I had four different colors printed at Zazzle, using the two-tone mug in an accenting color:


It’s not an exact replica of the original pattern, but it comes close enough that I wouldn’t feel comfortable claiming it as my own. So as an official disclaimer, the design above is not mine, I’m just borrowing it in an effort to make up for my clumsy hands. 🙂

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free candy desktop wallpapers

gummi bears desktop wallpaper

It’s been far too long since I doodled something just for me, and my desktop was looking pretty outdated so I thought I’d whip up something quick and fun and colorful. Mmmm, candy. Given how pregnant I am, the subject should come as no surprise. 🙂 Click on each to download and enjoy!

lollipops desktop wallpaper

gummi bears desktop wallpaper

gumdrops desktop wallpaper

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all dolled up

Paper doll - sheet 1paper doll - boy

I’ve been busy working on these new paper doll patterns for the Print-a-doodles section of the shop. I used to love to create paper dolls as a kid, and this week’s project reminded me why… getting creative with the clothes is the best part. I could spend hours coloring and decorating dresses and t-shirts and pants, mixing and matching with different accessories–it was always less about the play and more about the process for me.

Anyway, the result is two paper doll sets, one boy and one girl. Each set comes with two pages of pre-made outfits, plus a third template page that’s blank so you can design your own wardrobe. The dolls are designed to be printed on heavy 8.5 x 11 card stock for durability, but you could also add magnets to the back to create a fridge playset. You can print as many copies as you like, which make these an entertaining, yet inexpensive, party favor or gift. Just be careful with the scissors!

I hope you’ll find these sweet dolls versatile and inspiring.