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Drink More Tea

This little bean has a message for us coffee drinkers. Apparently he doesn’t like us grinding up his friends and making stock from their remains. :-/

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mason jars

cute mason jarsSo versatile, and quite trendy as a home decor item right now, a series of canning jars in different states of use — just playing with variations on a theme. I like how this came together. It’s also available in the Calobee Doodles Etsy shop as a print!

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new cupcakes poster!

a study in cupcakes - poster print

 One of the things I want to work on this year is doodling more, just for fun, so hopefully you’ll see more and more new things popping up here! I made this little cupcakes poster over the weekend, and you can find it (along with a bunch of other new prints) in my Etsy shop.