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holiday coloring sheets, new in the shop!

Printable Coloring Sheet

Printable Coloring Sheet

One thing I’m working on is filling up the Print-a-Doodles section of the shop with new goodies. One thing my daughter loves to do is draw and color, so I thought, why not create some printable coloring sheets for kids? These ones are seasonally appropriate, but I’ll be adding more options soon.  At only $1 for the set of 3, they’re inexpensive, and you can print as many as you like! Hold a coloring contest or keep the kids occupied while you’re making Christmas dinner. Season’s Greetings from Calobee Doodles!

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how to make vector snowflakes in adobe illustrator

I posted this guide on how to make vector snowflakes in Adobe Illustrator last year at, and thought it would fit well here at Calobee Doodles. You can still download the free snowflakes desktop wallpaper here.

1. Create a new document in Illustrator. If you want your snowflakes to be white, it’s helpful to set a background color so you can see what you’re doing. I usually drag a quick rectangle shape to fit the document, set the fill to my color of choice, and lock it by selecting the rectangle and going to Object -> Lock -> Selection.

Create a colored backdrop using the Rectangle tool.  Fill your rectangle with a color of your choosing.

Lock the background so it doesn't shift around while you're working.

2. Draw the first “leg” of your snowflake by creating an elongated shape or pattern of some kind. I do this mostly using the line and circle tools, but you could experiment with any shape. This is the shape that will be repeated in a circle to make the snowflake.

Create any shape to be used as the pattern for the rest of your snowflake.  Lines and circles work well.  I'm using a 7 pt. Round brush with a white stroke.

One leg down!

3. Once you’re satisfied with your shape, click on the Rotate tool. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click on the bottom center of your snowflake’s first leg. This will bring up the Rotate dialog.

Option-click with the Rotate tool in the bottom-middle of your pattern.

4. The angle of rotation should be set to a number that, when repeated, adds up to 360 degrees. I usually go with 30, 40, or 60. The lower the number, the more legs your snowflake will have.

Set the angle of rotation.  A smaller angle means more legs on the snowflake.  Hit the Copy button to rotate and copy the pattern.

5. Once you’ve set the degrees to rotate, hit the Copy button. You’ll see one repetition of your initial pattern appear… if you don’t like what you see, hit Ctrl+Z to undo and repeat steps 3 and 4 to try a different angle. In this case, I initially set it to 40 degrees but decided 60 would look better.

Two legs are better than one...

6. To finish off your snowflake, simply hit Ctrl+D to repeat the pattern until you complete a full circle. Voila, you have a snowflake!

Ctrl+D will repeat the rotation to complete your snowflake

7. You can play around with different angles and shapes to get the look you want. For smaller or more detailed snowflakes, you’ll probably want thinner lines. For larger snowflakes, thicker lines look best. It helps if you group your final snowflake (select all the pieces, right-click or Ctrl-click, and hit Group) so you don’t lose bits and pieces as you create more and move them around the page.

Highlight your snowflake and Ctrl-click or right-click and select "Group"


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elf paper doll

Printable Elf Paper Doll

Printable Elf Paper Doll

Another new holiday item in the shop this week – a printable elf paper doll set. This little girl comes with several mix-and-match outfits, as well as a sheet of do-it-yourself patterns so you can design your own fashionably festive wardrobe. Shed make a great stocking stuffer and holiday activity for the kids! You’ll find her in the Print-a-Doodles section of the shop.

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printable advent calendar new in the shop!

Printable Advent Calendar - Page 1

Printable Advent Calendar - Page 1

I’m always just behind the times when it comes to holiday shop preparations, it seems. I thought I was finally ahead of the game this year, but then I turn around and Thanksgiving is over and the holiday rush has already begun. How can that be?!? I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the things I wanted to do.

One of the things I did manage to finish this week was a printable advent calendar. My family always had a new advent calendar every Christmas, and it was exciting to open each little door and see what was inside. It kept impatient young minds busy until the arrival of Santa Claus and gave us something to look forward to every morning. The Calobee Doodles printable advent calendar includes easy instructions and a few fun suggestions for use, including a design-your-own option! And for only $5, it makes a great inexpensive gift or stocking stuffer for friends and family. You’ll find it in the Print-a-Doodles section of the shop!