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new birth announcement designs

mod dots 2

Just a quick note to say there are some new, modern birth announcement designs up in the shop!

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illustration friday: brave


My entry for this week’s Illustration Friday–sometimes, love is brave. I know, I know, it’s sentimental, but that’s why I enjoy children’s art. It allows me to tap into my sweet and sappy side, guilt-free! This happy pair will soon be available as a print-a-doodle in the shop.

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announcing the birth of… birth announcements!

vines birth announcement - yellowYou may have noticed a “new arrival” in the Calobee Doodles shop: birth announcements!

I started thinking about this when I had my daughter and was looking for birth announcements myself. I found several cute cards online, but to be honest, the prices were outrageous. I realized that, even in my postpartum haze, I could easily design something just as cute (and have it printed for much less!)

So, I came up with this, and I liked it enough that I thought others might be looking for attractive, affordable designs, too. I made a mental note to try my hand at some templates when I was slightly less frazzled by new motherhood. Hey, it only took a year. 🙂

There are currently three designs to choose from in three different colorways. I’ll be adding more as I go, so if there’s a particular style of design you’d like to see, let me know! I’m also available to do custom party invitations, wedding or engagement announcements, and I may add some designs for those in the future, too.

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free march desktop wallpaper

It’s that time again! I’ll admit this one isn’t particularly inspired, but March is not exactly an inspired month in Maine. It’s rainy. It’s gray. It’s not particularly warm when you factor in 40 mph winds. I’ll have something more exciting to offer come April, I’m sure. Until then, here you go:

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introducing: print-a-doodles!

lollipopNew to the shop: Print-a-Doodles!  Printable illustrations you can use for scrapbooking, buttons, magnets, party invitations, wall art, and more.

This is my first foray into selling digital products (that aren’t custom) and something of an experiment. I’ve purchased a few printable products on Etsy before with great success, so I thought, “Why not try downloadable doodles?”

I’ll be adding more of these to the newly minted Print-a-Doodles section of the shop over the next few days!