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fairies for ellie and gwen


purple fairyfairy

Ellie is into fairies lately, so I thought I’d draw her a little woodland creature. Then I decided Gwen should have a fairy of her own, too, so I worked up a purple version with darker hair. I think I’ll make these into prints with the girls’ names at the bottom, and frame them to hang in their room.

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july’s free desktop wallpaper – fireflies at night

fireflies are nature's sparklers--free july desktop wallpaper download

“Fireflies are nature’s sparklers.” I’m quite enchanted by this scene… the little girl reminds me of my daughter, although that wasn’t my intention when doodling. I suppose her sweet, inquisitive nature snuck into my subconscious when I was busy doing boring grown-up things like balancing my checkbook and loading the dishwasher. There’s nothing like a little kid to remind you it’s the simpler things in life that make the daily drudgery worthwhile.

Ah, but I digress. I hope this summery illustrative desktop wallpaper makes up for June’s slightly last-minute design. Click above to download!