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new in the shop!

calobee doodles buttons & magnets!

If you visit the shop at Etsy you may see some new additions… look for 1-inch buttons and magnets featuring Calobee Doodles original designs!

These cuties would love to adorn your backpack or shoulder bag or help you hold notes on your fridge or locker. You can choose from four different sets – cupcake kids, doodle girls, sea friends, and ice cream heads.


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on printing

I fully admit it–I may sell prints, but I’m not a print artist. For me, the artistic process ends when I close Illustrator. But I still want beautiful prints for my customers, of course! So what’s a digital artist to do?

Enter They do some seriously good work for people like myself, who need prints but don’t have the skills or equipment to do the job. They’re fast, efficient, and offer a wide variety of print types and papers of excellent quality. But what I really have to brag about is their customer service–it’s top notch. When I have a question, I usually receive a response within minutes. When the occasional order comes back with defects (our post office is not the most *ahem* gentle with my packages) they are quick to replace the prints at no charge, and rush ship them so they’ll get to my customers on time. I’ve dealt with several printers over the last few years, and iPfH is by far the most responsive and they do quality work.

They also have a Twitter account, where each Tuesday you’ll find a new “Tweet Treat” special offer. Sometimes it’s a discount on a certain type of print, or even a free print or two. This is a great way to try out their service. So if you’re an artist who’s interested in printing your work and you’re not sure where to start (or you’re looking to switch printers), I highly recommend giving iPrintFromHome a try.

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dressed for the occasion

Something to keep in mind when you’re looking for a unique way to spruce up your Web shop–why not dress for the season? If you’ve ever looked at Google on a major holiday, you’ll know what I mean.

One of my favorite customers does this to great effect. Check out these holiday-themed banners for her and her daughter’s Etsy shop, Two Girls Laughing:

Two Girls Laughing
Two Girls Laughing - Spring
Two Girls Laughing - Summer
Two Girls Laughing - Christmas

Her branding from the first banner stays consistent, but the changes for winter, spring, and summer keep her shop looking fresh. What an easy way to make your shopfront more inviting for your customers!

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happy hen

happy hen

I just finished the cutest shop banner for Lara Lewis at Happy Hen! Lara wanted something that complemented her other shop’s brand, but still had a style of its own. I really liked the way this came out. I’m all about the scalloped edges these days.

(And in case you were wondering, this spring chicky’s name is Higglety Pigglety–could there not be a more perfect name for a hen?)

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Welcome to Calobee Doodles’ new Web site! This is an online portfolio of “doodles,” both my own creations and custom work done for others. Please take a look around, and feel free to contact me if you have questions! I’d love to hear from you.