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X-Files Poster

The X-Files

A departure from my usual style, but I had fun working on this cover mock-up for a recent X-Files fanfic I’ve been working on (I know, I know, my inner geek is showing!) I may add it to the Etsy shop as a poster.


fairies for ellie and gwen

purple fairyfairy

Ellie is into fairies lately, so I thought I’d draw her a little woodland creature. Then I decided Gwen should have a fairy of her own, too, so I worked up a purple version with darker hair. I think I’ll make these into prints with the girls’ names at the bottom, and frame them to hang in their room.


look on the sunny side

look on the sunny side

A poster devoted to one of my favorite foods — eggs! More experiments with different design styles and typography.


you’re good people

you're good people

Inspired by some of my favorite childhood toys — we had the house and the farm, and I remember playing with them for hours. These days I get to watch my kids play with the very same toys, except now they’re called “vintage” for some unfathomable reason. :)


anatomy of a sandwich

anatomy of a sandwich


Taking a slight departure from my usual style to try some new techniques and play. A poster I designed illustrating the proper composition of a sandwich. Delicious.


they told her not to get carried away

they told her not to get carried away

… but she didn’t listen.

I had a long flight from LAX to Hawaii last week (life is rough); there was no in-flight internet, and the book I’d brought was only mildly engaging. I decided to work on a new Valentine’s doodle, just for fun.

This little girl is available as a small print or poster in my Etsy shop.


ice cream poster

i heart ice cream poster


Today is my birthday, the big three-oh, and I thought it was only appropriate that I finished this poster last night — what’s a birthday without ice cream? This goes really well with the cupcakes poster I mentioned earlier, too. It’s available in small and large sizes in my Etsy shop!


vintage camera prints now available

vintage camera prints

I’ve been meaning to make these cameras into prints since I originally drew them for my Vintage Camera WordPress theme, and finally got around to doing so last week. They’re square prints in multiple sizes — 5×5, 10×10, or 12×12 inches. You can find them in my Etsy shop!


mason jars

cute mason jarsSo versatile, and quite trendy as a home decor item right now, a series of canning jars in different states of use — just playing with variations on a theme. I like how this came together. It’s also available in the Calobee Doodles Etsy shop as a print!


new cupcakes poster!

a study in cupcakes - poster print

 One of the things I want to work on this year is doodling more, just for fun, so hopefully you’ll see more and more new things popping up here! I made this little cupcakes poster over the weekend, and you can find it (along with a bunch of other new prints) in my Etsy shop.