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free march desktop wallpaper

It’s that time again! I’ll admit this one isn’t particularly inspired, but March is not exactly an inspired month in Maine. It’s rainy. It’s gray. It’s not particularly warm when you factor in 40 mph winds. I’ll have something more exciting to offer come April, I’m sure. Until then, here you go:

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introducing: print-a-doodles!

lollipopNew to the shop: Print-a-Doodles!  Printable illustrations you can use for scrapbooking, buttons, magnets, party invitations, wall art, and more.

This is my first foray into selling digital products (that aren’t custom) and something of an experiment. I’ve purchased a few printable products on Etsy before with great success, so I thought, “Why not try downloadable doodles?”

I’ll be adding more of these to the newly minted Print-a-Doodles section of the shop over the next few days!

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TGIF: perspective

This is my first entry to Illustration Friday. *blushes and waves tentatively* I’ve watched TGIF from afar for a while now, but when I saw this week’s theme, “perspective,” I thought my favorite “sea” print was perfect:

Looking down on their world as they look up at yours.

Next week I’ll try my hand at something brand spankin’ new.

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numbers and fruits

fruit numbers posterSoon to be added to the shop: this sweet numbers and fruits poster!

It took me longer than you’d think to decide which fruits would stay and which ones wouldn’t. I wanted a good color balance and a variety of shapes and sizes. Fruits that I doodled but did not make the cut: starfruit, grapefruit, pomegranate, raspberries and coconut!

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unfinished business

I am the queen of the unfinished project. It comes with the territory–I have a short attention span and I’m prone to “ooh, shiny” moments. Lots of them. My husband once noted that my “ooh, shiny” moments have “ooh, shiny” moments, and I would have argued, but… hey, lookit that over there!

So I thought if I posted some of my favorite “works-in-progress” it might motivate me to, well, work on them!

This is a doodle I started for my daughter, Ellie. It’s “Ellie on her Ellie-phant,” and someday I hope it will hang in her room.

This started with a series of quick icons for my Web site, and because I enjoyed working in such a small scale, it turned into tiny drawings of random things. I’ve yet to decide if this will eventually become a print or if these will be broken up and used elsewhere.

This is a former work-in-progress that’s soon to be finished! My awesome printing company offers large-format, banner-style sizes, and I thought they’d be perfect for growth charts–children’s designs that are both artsy and functional. A version of this particular design had been sitting in my illustrations folder for months and now it’s finally going to see the light. Hurrah!