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still in progress…

It’s getting there. I had a chance to sit down with this for a little bit yesterday evening. I’ve since added even more detail, and now I want to create a whole neighborhood!

I also set up a Facebook Fan Page for Calobee Doodles – in the wise words of Mr. Rogers, won’t you be my neighbor?

houses - still in progress

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a work in progress

The colors aren’t quite right, and I want to add a lot more detail, but here’s what I’ve been working on for Calobee Doodles. My initial thought was to have this be an animated Web layout… when a user rolls over one of the houses (presumably they’d each be a link), something happens. Maybe a kitty pokes his head around the corner, the chimney smoke moves, or a curtain is pushed to the side to reveal a little boy staring out.

But then I’m not sure I want to get so involved… I have a tendency to lose interest when a project takes too long to complete (short attention span and all that). I may scrap this as a Web layout altogether and just make it into a print for the shop. Or maybe I’ll do both! Either way, it’s fun thinking up all the little bits and pieces that bring the doodle together (I’m particularly enamored with the mini clothesline for some reason) and watching each house grow into its unique personality.

Houses - work in progress

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on printing

I fully admit it–I may sell prints, but I’m not a print artist. For me, the artistic process ends when I close Illustrator. But I still want beautiful prints for my customers, of course! So what’s a digital artist to do?

Enter They do some seriously good work for people like myself, who need prints but don’t have the skills or equipment to do the job. They’re fast, efficient, and offer a wide variety of print types and papers of excellent quality. But what I really have to brag about is their customer service–it’s top notch. When I have a question, I usually receive a response within minutes. When the occasional order comes back with defects (our post office is not the most *ahem* gentle with my packages) they are quick to replace the prints at no charge, and rush ship them so they’ll get to my customers on time. I’ve dealt with several printers over the last few years, and iPfH is by far the most responsive and they do quality work.

They also have a Twitter account, where each Tuesday you’ll find a new “Tweet Treat” special offer. Sometimes it’s a discount on a certain type of print, or even a free print or two. This is a great way to try out their service. So if you’re an artist who’s interested in printing your work and you’re not sure where to start (or you’re looking to switch printers), I highly recommend giving iPrintFromHome a try.