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unfinished business

I am the queen of the unfinished project. It comes with the territory–I have a short attention span and I’m prone to “ooh, shiny” moments. Lots of them. My husband once noted that my “ooh, shiny” moments have “ooh, shiny” moments, and I would have argued, but… hey, lookit that over there!

So I thought if I posted some of my favorite “works-in-progress” it might motivate me to, well, work on them!

This is a doodle I started for my daughter, Ellie. It’s “Ellie on her Ellie-phant,” and someday I hope it will hang in her room.

This started with a series of quick icons for my Web site, and because I enjoyed working in such a small scale, it turned into tiny drawings of random things. I’ve yet to decide if this will eventually become a print or if these will be broken up and used elsewhere.

This is a former work-in-progress that’s soon to be finished! My awesome printing company offers large-format, banner-style sizes, and I thought they’d be perfect for growth charts–children’s designs that are both artsy and functional. A version of this particular design had been sitting in my illustrations folder for months and now it’s finally going to see the light. Hurrah!

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‘numbers’ in new colorways!

One thing I’m going to work on this year is making some doodles that are slightly less, shall we say, girly. I have a tendency to trend toward pinks and purples, but I wanted to try my hand at some doodles for the boys, too.

To start, I’ll be offering the numbers poster in two new colorways–one that’s mostly blues, greens, and browns, and another that’s more neutral, with pastel greens, yellows, and oranges.

Watch for them in the shop!

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free february desktop wallpaper

Better late than never! Below is a free desktop “doodle” for the month of February–click to get the full-sized version.

I don’t usually get the opportunity to doodle in a way that suggests depth, so this was challenging in a fun way.

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fabric doodles?

I’ve heard about Spoonflower a number of times, and last week I finally worked up the ambition to check it out. What I found intrigued me–it’s a service that will print your designs on fabric. So I tried my hand at a swatch, just to see how it worked:

spoonflower fabric test - adjusted colors

It’s a simple start, but I could totally see working on a series for nursery bedding, or maybe a single doodle printed on fabric and stretched on a frame for display. My head is spinning with the possibilities–you may be seeing Calobee Doodles on Spoonflower very soon!