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t’is the season

It’s that time of year… shopping season is upon us, and it’s especially important for small businesses to get the word out about where to find the best handmade holiday gifts. Why not pretty up your shop with a look that’s fit for the season?

two girls laughing too - shop banner (christmas theme)


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font love

If you’re a designer (and even if you’re not) there are probably certain fonts you absolutely cannot live without. My favorite Web site for new font discoveries these days is–tons of fonts, freeware and otherwise–in a sleek Web interface that is as attractive as the fonts themselves.

Here are some of my favorites:


Sexsmith. It’s playful. It’s fun. If a font could be sexy, this one would be sexy. I use Sexsmith here at Calobee Doodles and it’s one of those I keep coming back to… I have to force myself not to over-use it!


Rosewood Std Fill. This font was designed to be used as a (you guessed it) fill for its fancy cousin, Rosewood Std, but I think it stands quite well on its own.


Didot. One of my regular design practices involves combining a simple serif with a simple sans-serif, and this is my simple serif font of choice.


Little Days. Another of my Calobee Doodles favorites. Whimsical and a little loopy, just like me!

Respect the font, people. What are your favorites?

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still in progress…

It’s getting there. I had a chance to sit down with this for a little bit yesterday evening. I’ve since added even more detail, and now I want to create a whole neighborhood!

I also set up a Facebook Fan Page for Calobee Doodles – in the wise words of Mr. Rogers, won’t you be my neighbor?

houses - still in progress

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a work in progress

The colors aren’t quite right, and I want to add a lot more detail, but here’s what I’ve been working on for Calobee Doodles. My initial thought was to have this be an animated Web layout… when a user rolls over one of the houses (presumably they’d each be a link), something happens. Maybe a kitty pokes his head around the corner, the chimney smoke moves, or a curtain is pushed to the side to reveal a little boy staring out.

But then I’m not sure I want to get so involved… I have a tendency to lose interest when a project takes too long to complete (short attention span and all that). I may scrap this as a Web layout altogether and just make it into a print for the shop. Or maybe I’ll do both! Either way, it’s fun thinking up all the little bits and pieces that bring the doodle together (I’m particularly enamored with the mini clothesline for some reason) and watching each house grow into its unique personality.

Houses - work in progress