Our Calobee Doodles Family PortraitHello, my name is Caroline. I’m an illustrator, photographer, designer, and Web geek who lives and works in Maine with my husband, Tim, our daughters, Elspeth and Guinevere, and our three crazy cats. My favorite things include chocolate, taking photographs, the font Sexsmith, reading, doodling, designing websites, and the smell of my baby girl’s hair after a bath.

I started Calobee Doodles in 2007 selling childrens’ artwork, and my business eventually expanded to include other whimsical goods and custom designs for other small businesses and individuals. You can find my shop at Etsy.com.

All doodles are created using Adobe Illustrator and a lot of trial and error.

This website was built using WordPress, my favorite blogging platform ever, and the usual suspects: HTML, PHP, CSS, and a few well-placed curse words.