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X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series

A series of fan art posters for The X-Files, with three iconic images meant to represent the events of each episode. Mostly an excuse for me to wax nostalgic about my favorite TV show, and a chance to work my long-neglected Illustrator muscles. My favorite so far is the heart from “Milagro.”

One thought on “X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series

  1. […] I came across these beautiful illustrations by Caroline at Carolebee Doodles from a fellow X-Files fan on facebook and I’m lusting after all of them. The art posters feature iconic images from each episode most of which you’d only understand if you’re a more hardcore fan of the show. Check out the others, such as “Eve” and “The Unnatural” over on her website […]

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