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snowflakes revisited

snowflake window clings

snowflake window clings

(I got so caught up in the holiday that I completely forgot to post this earlier! Oh well. It’s still seasonally-appropriate, and better late than never!)

One of the great things about putting my work out there is when someone stumbles upon it seemingly at random and has an idea for a new and creative way to use it.  I was pleasantly surprised when Caron from Green Imaginations, a new printing company based in Portland, Oregon contacted me about creating some custom window clings from my snowflakes desktop wallpaper in exchange for a couple sets of the clings. I’m pretty picky about trades, but this was a no-brainer–I’d even been musing the other day about how my windows needed a little extra holiday pizzaz. I got the clings just before Christmas and immediately put them to work–and I love them! And I’m highly impressed by how well their equipment preserved the intricacy of the designs (my photos don’t do them justice.) Now I’m seriously considering creating a few sets of window cling doodles for different holidays and offering them in the shop next year. Thanks again, Caron!

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  1. Thank you Caroline for letting us use your beautiful snowflake designs. We are big fans of your work!

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