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illustration friday: dip

illustration friday: dip

This was a fun, off-the-cuff style drawing for this week’s theme, “dip.” Given this weekend’s beautiful spring weather, my mind wandered to warm, sunny places and I came up with this beach scene–two folks taking a swim in the waves, a couple (maybe honeymooners?) dancing at the edge of the water, a young girl who’s lost half her ice cream, and a seagull enjoying someone’s forgotten afternoon snack. There is lots of “dipping” in many different forms going on here!

4 thoughts on “illustration friday: dip

  1. everyone having a nice time at the beach! great illo!

  2. So many takes on dip. Clever!

  3. Super! It’s like everyone’s concepts all rolled into one. That’s awesome…

  4. Wow love this! Makes me wanna go to the beach to take a dip as well 😀

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