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illustration friday: rescue

illustration friday: rescue

Once again, a literal approach to the theme du jour, except this time I’m quite happy with it. This will soon be a 12×36 poster in the shop!

18 thoughts on “illustration friday: rescue

  1. I love your clean,crisp work!

  2. Aaahhh cool! Would be a great poster for a little boys room.

  3. Really like the literal approach, lovely style.

  4. marvelous, so simple yet effective, great work!!!

  5. Simple, it works great !

  6. love this, great style! will look great as a print 🙂

  7. Wooohooo…Congrats on having your poster picked for Illustration Friday’s theme. Well done!

  8. I would have to agree, you have a wonderfully clean and crisp style. I love it. I am curious your steps in your creative process because the end results are wonderful!

  9. Congradulations on pick of the week.Lovely job.

  10. you are wonderful and so is your blog! love this very much! Copngratulations and have a lovely Easter holiday 😉

  11. Very nice! Congratulations on the “feature page” limelight.

  12. I love it. Clean. Child-like without being childish. Cute.

  13. Congrats on being featured. Nice work!

  14. Great piece – love the simplicity. Congrats!

  15. […] I enjoyed working on the “rescue” poster so much, I thought I’d try a similar illustration with a train. I like using basic shapes and […]

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