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illustration friday: subterranean

illustration friday: subterranean

I thought I had a solid concept for this one, but after a few hours I lost steam, so it’s technically unfinished. I’m not feeling it. I think, perhaps, my approach was too literal. Oh well, maybe it will come together later.

5 thoughts on “illustration friday: subterranean

  1. I like it! Especially the little worm tunnels 🙂

  2. well i see a story behind this – the “magical” gem lost in the subterranean depths 😀 I love your art work, its awesome!

  3. It is literal, but cool! I can see it in a “How things work” for kids.

  4. I like it!! Especially the simplicity.

  5. […] again, a literal approach to the theme du jour, except this time I’m quite happy with it. This will soon be a […]

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