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unfinished business

I am the queen of the unfinished project. It comes with the territory–I have a short attention span and I’m prone to “ooh, shiny” moments. Lots of them. My husband once noted that my “ooh, shiny” moments have “ooh, shiny” moments, and I would have argued, but… hey, lookit that over there!

So I thought if I posted some of my favorite “works-in-progress” it might motivate me to, well, work on them!

This is a doodle I started for my daughter, Ellie. It’s “Ellie on her Ellie-phant,” and someday I hope it will hang in her room.

This started with a series of quick icons for my Web site, and because I enjoyed working in such a small scale, it turned into tiny drawings of random things. I’ve yet to decide if this will eventually become a print or if these will be broken up and used elsewhere.

This is a former work-in-progress that’s soon to be finished! My awesome printing company offers large-format, banner-style sizes, and I thought they’d be perfect for growth charts–children’s designs that are both artsy and functional. A version of this particular design had been sitting in my illustrations folder for months and now it’s finally going to see the light. Hurrah!

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  1. So I kind of had this stuffed pink elephant growing up who was my FAVORITE (you may remember Pinky on my bed in HS). I love the “Ellie on her Ellie-phant”. 🙂

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