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X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series, pt. 6

I took some unexpected time off to deal with family stuff, and I’ve been re-watching the first half of season 1 on Netflix (in glorious HD), so I made some new posters this week.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t draw a poster for the Pilot, and I’ve had the ideas for all things for some time. Beyond the Sea is a new favorite episode; it didn’t appeal to me at first, but has grown on me after watching it a few times.

All of these are available in my Etsy shop!


The X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series, pt. 5

I’m thrilled that The X-Files may return for a miniseries of sorts. The news inspired me to bring a few more of these to the finish line. I think my favorite of this group is The Post-Modern Prometheus.


X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series, pt. 4

I’ve been plucking away at these over the last few weeks, with a few more ideas on the way. They’re fun to work on, and I’m pleasantly surprised at the reaction. They’re one of the most popular items in my Etsy shop right now! These three will also be available there soon. :)


X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series, pt. 3

More X-Files posters? Why, don’t mind if I do!

I’m favoring the sixth season for the visuals, and likely because it’s the first season I watched in its entirety as it aired. I still remember the excitement of waiting for Sunday night.


Vintage Pyrex

It hasn’t been all X-Files art around here; I’ve also been working on this poster design of various vintage Pyrex cooking dishes.

Vintage Pyrex illustration

I’m kind of obsessed with this stuff, and if I had a curio cabinet, I’d be collecting as many old patterns as I could find. I’ll settle for drawing them instead.


X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series, pt. 2

More from the Episodes series (see part 1). These are addictive to think up — there’s so much material to draw from!

All of the new posters are available in my Etsy shop!


The X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Truths” Series

More nostalgia, this time with a more romantic angle; practicing tracing/outlining/shading techniques.


X-Files Fan Art Posters: “Episodes” Series

A series of fan art posters for The X-Files, with three iconic images meant to represent the events of each episode. Mostly an excuse for me to wax nostalgic about my favorite TV show, and a chance to work my long-neglected Illustrator muscles. My favorite so far is the heart from “Milagro.”


free holiday desktop wallpapers

I haven’t done these in a while, but I was fiddling around with Illustrator over the holiday break and put together a couple flat versions of an old wallpaper design. Feel free to use as you wish.

free ornaments desktop wallpaper

free ornaments desktop wallpaper



Birdies Pattern

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I broke my mom’s favorite mug. It was given to her by a friend many years ago, and a Google search for a replacement proved futile — I gathered from my research that it was probably a Hornsea ripoff, though there was no credit on the mug.

As a Christmas present, I wanted to design her a new mug in a similar pattern. And because I’m indecisive, I had four different colors printed at Zazzle, using the two-tone mug in an accenting color:


It’s not an exact replica of the original pattern, but it comes close enough that I wouldn’t feel comfortable claiming it as my own. So as an official disclaimer, the design above is not mine, I’m just borrowing it in an effort to make up for my clumsy hands. :)